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Danbury looks into banning dogs at City playgrounds

Danbury officials are considering a proposal to ban certain dog breeds from public parks, and prohibiting all dogs from playgrounds.  City Councilman Peter Nero asked that ordinances addressing both issues be examined. 


Nero said dog breeds in the group where homeowners can't be insured, or would require a rider on their insurance, should not be allowed in parks except the off-leash dog park. The off-leash dog park was approved in May.   Dogs must be licensed, but there will be no other restrictions--including no residency rule.  The park would be for daytime use only.


Nero cited specific encounters he's had.  One was being charged by a Doberman in Tarrywile Park.  Another was having to shield his grandson behind a park bench from a dog-on-dog attack.  He also cited issues brought to him by constituents.  


A committee of the City Council is looking into his proposals.

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