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First stages of Fire Training School construction underway in Danbury

A state of the art training classroom is being built in Danbury for the Fire Department.  Training Officer Steve Rogers says the career Fire Department, the 12 volunteer companies and those from surrounding towns will be able to do their classroom work and specialized training in a new building, hopefully by the coming Spring.  He says this won't be specifically just for the Fire Department, it could be opened up to local police departments as well.  Ground was broken Thursday.


(Photo Courtesy: Captain Bernie Meehan)


Rogers says there will be two classrooms, a computer room, conference room and offices.  Smart board and other technology will also be included.  The optimum class size for firefighter training is about 25, but right now the Danbury Fire Department classroom can only accommodate about 10 people. 


Rogers says there are National Fire Protection Association and OSHA requirements, with mandatory classes.  Some of those happen annually, others are as frequently as each month.


Hawley Construction is building the exterior of the facility.  A request for proposals is going out for the interior work.  Bids for Phase 2 of the project will be accepted through September 10th.



Rogers says this new classroom will help the Department to stay proficient in all skills.  He notes that firefighting is a small part of what the Department does.  They also respond to emergency medical situations, car accidents, special rescues and other incidents requiring specialized skills.  Rogers says these specialized skills have to be kept fresh, otherwise they start to degrade over time.


While no equipment will be housed at the site, there will be two bays.  One will be for a fire engine, one for a tanker truck.  The bays will face the burn tower so firefighters can practice getting their gear on and out the door headed toward an emergency situation.

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