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Danbury considers naming new soccer field opened in August

Danbury may name the new oversized soccer field opened last month near the Westside Middle School.  Mayor Mark Boughton said in an update to the City Council last week that they may be presented with a request in the coming months. 


Lights at the field were donated by Danbury Youth Soccer Club.  They are now burned in, so they won't be illuminated during the day any more.  Mayor Mark Boughton says with the type of bulb being used, they had to be on during the day for a while in order for them to work at night. 


The Parks and Rec Department is in the process of booking the field.  Boughton notes that Danbury Youth Soccer has it locked up a lot of the week, but it is available to other leagues and other sports.  The oversized soccer field is also lined for field hockey, lacrosse and football.  


Lights extend the use of the field to 9pm.


The $1.3 million field was paid for with surplus money from the school bond project that came in about $5 million under budget.  It's being used by students at WMS and the recently renovated Mill Ridge School.  It's also a replacement for the field that was on 13 acres of land off Old Ridgebury Road sold by the City last fall to Subway co-founder Peter Buck.  Boughton says Buck has been very generous in letting the City use the field as long as people want.

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