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State officials up and down the East Coast are warning residents to prepare for drenching storms, whatever the path that Hurricane Joaquin ultimately takes. 


Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton says a lot of the maps are pointing at it going out to sea, but things could change and it could turn back inland.  The City continues to watch the forecast.


Boughton says all families should have a plan in case of a catastrophic event.


He says the City will likely notify residents by Sunday afternoon about what steps they should be taking.


The Ridgefield Community Emergency Response Team is reminding residents that it's not too late to put together a so-called "Grab and Go" bag.  First Selectman Rudy Marconi says there's a lot of talk about how to prepare to shelter in place, but not about needing to evacuate in a hurry.   Grab and Go Bag has important papers, medications and survival essentials such as a first aid kit, electronics charges and bottled water.

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