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Conn. Congressional delegation call for closure of background check loophole

Legislation is going to be introduced next week by Connecticut's two U.S. Senators that would bar gun sales until background checks are completed.  The current practice is that sales go through if background checks are pending beyond 72 hours. 


A similar bill was already introduced in the U.S. House by 5th District Congresswoman Elizabeth Esty.  She called the loophole the "yellow light theory".  Esty says it's like seeing the yellow light turn to red "so quick give them a gun now because we can't sort out if they're a felon or not".  She called it a dumb and crazy system.  Esty says Congress can and should fix it.


Senator Richard Blumenthal said it's a tragic and sad coincidence that this press conference fell the day after another mass shooting at a school, but that it had been scheduled days ago.  Blumenthal says there have been 142 shootings in schools since Sandy Hook.  He says this press conference could have been scheduled any week and the day before there could have been a shooting.


Their bill would close a loophole in the Brady Handgun Violence Act. 


Blumenthal says the time for expressions of regret is over, it's time for action.  He says this country has responded to other public health crises whether it's a disease epidemic or carnage on the roads that led to seatbelt requirements or drunk driving prohibitions.  He notes that this country knows how to deal with public health emergencies, and must deal with this one.


Senator Chris Murphy says the silence by Congress condones these murders.  He says those whose minds are beginning to come unhinged think they have been given an endorsement to go forward with their plans.  He was critical of his colleagues who were all talk and no action.


"I don't care how many members of Congress send out tweets saying they're sorry, or they extend their sympathies.  You aren't sorry, you aren't truly sympathetic if you're not willing to act."


Murphy responded to claims that a good guy with a gun is the way to take down a bad guy with a gun.  He says there are thousands of other gun free zones where there aren't mass shootings, so the fact that a shooting happened in one , doesn't mean that gun free zones aren't effective.  Murphy says to suggests laws and rules don't work all the time is an invitation for anarchy.


The Congressional delegation members say this isn't a tragedy like an earthquake which couldn't be predicted or stopped.  They called gun violence a man-made tragedy which could likely be prevented.

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