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New lane design on I-84 in Danbury prompts new signage to be ordered

Drivers on eastbound I-84 likely have noticed a new lane change in the area of exit 7 in Danbury.  When the state Department of Transportation repaved the highway this summer, they also added something called an "option lane".  The new code for this exit configuration requires this option lane be added.  Spokesman Kevin Nursik says the goal is to ease traffic congestion in the area.


The old lane design had a "left lane exit only" and two lanes would continue eastbound.  The center lane now splits so that drivers can bear to the left and be on the exit ramp or continue straight to stay on the highway.


Nursik says this option lane is meant to reduce a so-called "cross over effect" of people riding the exit only lane and crossing over at the last minute, often times causing congestion and sometimes causing crashes.  He says the drivers who stay in left lane once the dashes become dots indicating it's an exit lane and then try to cut over to stay on the highway are cheaters.


New signs are being fabricated that will better reflect the new design.  Nursik says those should be installed within the month.  He says the existing signage works, but the new ones will make it more intuitive for motorists.

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