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Danbury has a new Planning Director.  Deputy Director Sharon Calitro has been promoted to the position by Mayor Mark Boughton.  She has a Master of Science Degree in Urban Planning from Columbia University.  She is also a certified Planner with the American Institute.  As Deputy Planning Director, Calitro has been commended for several accomplishments in the City. 


She helped develop significant zoning amendments and plans that have been adopted by the city, developed regulations adopted by the Planning Commission for the City's Aquifer Protection Area and managing the related program.  She completed a revision of the City's Capital Improvement Program, managed completion of several grants from the Connecticut Trust for Historic Preservation for projects at the Palace Theater and Hearthstone Castle, and established the City's first GIS system. 


Calitro was also credited with completing several downtown planning projects including the design and implementation of improvements at Elmwood Park, along White Street, at Palace Walk and along North Main Street.


The Department has a lot of different proposals for the redevelopment of downtown Danbury, and a number of public projects on the horizon.  That includes the expansion of Danbury High School along with road and traffic improvements.  The Department also manages ongoing planning projects proposed by developers.  Boughton says Calitro has the skill set to be able to deliver on a full spectrum of work.


Boughton says Calitro brings a different view to the post and will likely run the Department differently than the previous director, who had been with the City for almost 20 years.

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