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State Senate Republicans have voiced disappointment with the proposed deficit-cutting plan, saying it doesn't go far enough to fix Connecticut's perpetual budget problems.  Danbury state Senator says since he took office in January 2009, deficits seem to be all he's dealt with.


McLachlan recalled a Finance Committee meeting where Ridgefield Representative John Frey said that Fairfield-based GE was thinking about leaving the state.  He called it an earth-shattering day for people at the state capital.  He says many people wondered what they were doing there that would make GE want to run away.


McLachlan says another of those warning was presented Tuesday by Greenwich Senator Frantz, who said that the wealthy were also thinking about leaving the state in droves.


The Senate was the first chamber to act, voting unanimously for a resolution that would protect transportation funds deposited into a so-called lock box.  It fell 14 votes short of the 114 needed in the House.  It's now up to the 2017 General Assembly to put the question on the 2018 ballot.

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