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Senator Chris Murphy once again took to the Senate floor to criticize his colleagues for not taking action on gun safety legislation, three years after the shootings at Sandy Hook School.  Murphy said it's hard to describe for his colleagues the grief that still drowns Sandy Hook parents and the community.


On December 14th, the gunman walked into Sandy Hook Elementary School armed with a weapon that was designed for the military.  Murphy said the gun was designed to kill as many people as quickly as possible, and the 30-round magazines were not designed for hunting or for sport shooting, but to destroy as much life as quickly as possible.  Murphy also noted that the gunman left lower round magazines at home. 


Murphy said the design of the weapons worked to a tee.  In approximately four minutes, he discharged 154 rounds.  Murphy said the young man killed with ruthless efficiency.  Murphy then listed the names of the 6 educators and the 20 children who were shot and killed.


There are a handful of kids that aren't on that list who were in teacher Victoria Soto's classroom.  Murphy says they were able to escape, likely as investigators believe, when the gunman had to reload his weapon.


Murphy says there are still searing questions.  He wonders what would have happened if the gunman didn't have an assault rifle, and if he would have had the perverse courage to walk into that school if not aided by the security of having a high powered killing machine.  Murphy also posed the question of if the gunman had smaller cartridges, would someone have been able to stop him when he fumbled with another reload.


Murphy acknowledged that the facts of what happened at Sandy Hook are hard to hear over and over, but that they're important.  Murphy says they should have educated Congress and the country on ways to come together to make another mass shooting less likely.  He says Sandy Hook was ignored, and it happened again and again.  He then repeated his call for his colleagues to do something to honor those children and adults killed on 12-14.

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