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Conn. Senators praise executive action on gun show loophole closure

Connecticut's two U.S. Senators are touting President Obama for using his executive authority to close the so-called gun show loophole and expand background checks to those who buy firearms at gun shows. 


Senator Chris Murphy says for three years Congress has failed the families of the children and educators killed at Sandy Hook School, and the victims of gun violence across the country.  Murphy was among the members of Congress who wrote to President Obama to close the loophole.  He said Washington turned a blind eye to the murder and mayhem in the communities they serve. 


Murphy spend New Years Eve writing more than 300 tweets about incidents of gun violence.  His first tweet said that his "2015 year in review" would be to list every injury and every death in every mass shooting this past year.


Senator Richard Blumenthal praised Obama's action.  He says it's regrettably essential due to Congressional inaction in the face of continuing gun violence.  Almost three years after the shootings at Sandy Hook School, Blumenthal says the Presidential initiative will help stem a public health crisis. 


Blumenthal joined Murphy and 24 of their colleagues in sending a letter to the President last month, urging him to eliminate the loophole that allows individuals without a federal license to conduct high volumes of gun sales at gun shows, over the internet, and elsewhere, all without conducting background checks.

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