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Lawmakers react to DMV Commissioner resignation

Local lawmakers say it's bad timing from the Department of Motor Vehicles Commissioner to resign, but that it could help correct the problems the agency is having.  Wilton Senator Toni Boucher says it's a sad day for the beleaguered DMV, the employees and the customers who have endured so many problems over the past year.


Boucher says the Commissioner tried, but he was new to the whole area of government.  She added that she was not sure Ayala had any expertise in the area.  Boucher says this is an opportunity for the Governor to conduct a search for someone with technical expertise who can more effectively run the DMV.  She says someone with a background in IT or in managing a large agency should be hired to replace Ayala.


Monroe Representative JP Sredzinski says he hopes a change in leadership will bring solutions to the troubles.


The DMV has been plagued by problems since a major computer upgrade in August.  Among the issues are lengthy wait times, cars being unregistered due to tax communication problems and registrations wrongly suspended because of an insurance reporting glitch and delays in scheduling drivers tests.

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