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Danbury Police doing more with less because of injuries, training for officers

The Danbury Police Department has been doing more with less over the past couple of months.  They have 146 sworn personnel on staff, but their effective strength is lower than that.  Police Chief Al Baker was asked at the last City Council if that is fairly normal year to year.


Baker says November were December were extreme because of the number of injuries and those out for training.  Effective strength was 130 and 125 respectively.  In November, five officers each were out on injury, military leave and for training.  One was on administrative leave.  In December, six officers were out with injuries, five were doing field training, five were at the academy, three were on light duty and one was on military leave. 


Baker says effective strength determined by various leaves and training.  There are four training academies a year and Danbury tries to get five seats in each academy.  The current police officer eligibility list will expire in July, but it will likely be exhausted before then because some candidates have gone on to other careers or to other departments.

Baker says effective strength is about 10 less than authorized strength of 154.


January's effective strength was back to 134.  Six officers were at the academy, four were out with injuries, one out for field training, and one on light duty.

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