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Connecticut committee advances retooled gun permit bill

HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) Connecticut lawmakers are retooling a bill that would compel individuals to produce their permit to carry a firearm at the request of police.

The legislature's Public Safety and Security Committee on Thursday forwarded the updated bill to the House of Representatives for further consideration.

Under the new proposal, a pistol permit holder must produce their permit upon request of a police officer, so long as that officer personally observes the person carrying a gun in the open. The original bill required permit-holders to produce the document if the officer had ``reason to believe'' they were carrying a pistol or revolver.

Republican Sen. Tony Guglielmo, likened the legislation to "hitting a flea with a sledgehammer.'' He said only a few "provocateurs'' have refused to provide police with their permits.


Litchfield Representative Craig Miner, who is seeking the 30th Senate District which includes New Milford, opposed the measure.  He thinks the bill goes too far.  Miner said it's about the 4th amendment and people's right to peaceably conduct themselves in a law abiding way.  Miner said until Connecticut enacts a law saying people don't have a right to carry openly, they have that right and can't be stopped and ask them for their permit for no reason.

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