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Parents of Sandy Hook victim write op-ed critical of Bernie Sanders

The parents of a child killed at Sandy Hook School has written an op-ed in the Washington Post critical of Democratic Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.  Mark and Jackie Barden said they were motivated by Sander's comments during a recent debate about their lawsuit against the maker of the Bushmaster AR-15 in order to hold Remington accountable for making the military-grade weapon available to civilians. 


"Remington and the other defendants’ choices allowed an elementary school to be transformed into a battlefield. Our case seeks nothing more than fair accountability for those choices."


Mark and Jackie Barden said in the op-ed that the suit is not simply about the manufacturing of the gun, but about them marketing it to the public. 


"The last thing our sweet little Daniel would have seen in his short, beautiful life was the long barrel of a ferocious rifle designed to kill the enemy in war. The last thing Daniel’s tender little body would have felt were bullets expelled from that AR-15 traveling at greater than 3,000 feet per second — a speed designed to pierce body armor in the war zones of Fallujah."


The couple wrote that Sanders has advocated for greater corporate responsibility, which is why they were surprised by his remarks.


"Sanders has spent decades tirelessly advocating for greater corporate responsibility, which is why we cannot fathom his support of companies that recklessly market and profit from the sale of combat weapons to civilians and then shrug their shoulders when the next tragedy occurs, leaving ordinary families and communities to pick up the pieces."

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