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Danbury considers reopening bid process for new cafe adjacent to Library

Danbury will likely reopen the bid process for the concession area at the Library and Innovation Center.  The City sought a cafe-type business for the approximate 640 square feet, but Mayor Mark Boughton says they didn't really get the response that the City wanted.  The City is now looking at how best to utilize the space.


Danbury is looking for a vendor to offer a menu that is reasonably priced and competitive in the downtown environment, and have at least the same hours as the library.  There is no grill in the space, so only food requiring warming or cooling such as salads, sandwiches and soups best suit the facility.  The cafe operator would be responsible for providing furnishings and related equipment as well as custodial and refuse services. 


A dishwasher, tables and chairs as well as plumbing and electrical infrastructure are already in place.  Utilities such as water, sewer, electric and heat will be the responsibility of the City.


Boughton says they are possibly considering the potential for a project for some of the people at the homeless shelter to coincide with his new Clean Start initiative.  During his State of the City address in December, Boughton announced the program aimed at helping the homeless.  The idea is to have some people perform litter control downtown. 


Working with a local nonprofit, the City will have the teams work with specialized equipment donated by Winters Brothers.  At the end of each day, upon verification by staff, the participants will receive a gift card.

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Local Headlines