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DMV fails to send emissions test notices, collects late fees

The computer outage at the DMV this week may be the tipping point for state lawmakers. 


Wilton Senator Toni Boucher says the new leadership must ultimately be judged by the tangible improvements it provides for its beleaguered customers, who have encountered unacceptable wait times, and even more of the bureaucratic problems that the new computer system was meant to avoid.  She says this is just one more black eye for the agency.


Boucher says cries for privatization will start to increase a problems continue.


It was disclosed over the weekend that due to data issues, many car owners where never notified that their vehicle emissions tests were due or that a late fee was assessed and will now face fines. The DMV is expecting to collect $4 million because of this error.


Other problems included some property tax bills being sent to towns where a person's car wasn't registered and registrations mistakenly suspended for lack of insurance--when people did in fact have insurance.