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Carter critical of Sens. Murphy, Blumenthal filibuster effort

A local lawmaker is critical of Senators Chris Murphy and Richard Blumenthal's nearly 15 hour stand on the Senate floor yesterday calling for a vote on gun control reforms. 


Bethel Representative Dan Carter, who is running against Blumenthal in November, said they were using the terrorist attack in Orlando to raise "blood money to fund their egotistical agendas".  Carter said this is not the first time that Blumenthal and Connecticut Democrats have used a national tragedy and fear mongering to raise campaign cash.  He cited a campaign fundraising email from Blumenthal using the shooting at Sandy Hook School just four months later. 


Carter said their filibuster wasn't about gun control, terrorism or the LBGTQ community, but rather about fear mongering and fundraising.  Carter instead called for finding out how people are being radicalized, falling through the cracks at the FBI and getting a firearm permit for his job.

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