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Senate candidate calls for inquiries into Justice Department release of Orlando 911 calls

A local lawmaker is raising questions about the investigation and response to the shootings at the Orlando nightclub earlier this month.  Republican Senate candidate Dan Carter of Bethel is looking to unseat Richard Blumenthal in November.  He says while Americans have come to expect very little from their government, they expect more than is being done. 


He says the Department of Justice should have released a full and unedited transcript of the 911 calls made by the gunman. 


Carter said the bills voted on yesterday would not have prevented the attack, the Boston Marathon bombing or the San Bernadino attacks.  He called Senator Chris Murphy's 15 hour filibuster theatrics that distracted from the truth, rather than finding solutions. 


Carter called on Blumenthal to ask for inquiries and come up with solutions.

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Local Headlines