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Local police station an 'E-commerce Safe Zone'

The Brookfield Police station is now an E-Commerce Safe Zone.  The Brookfield Police Department, parking lot and lobby, is now available as a “Safe Zone” where people can conduct their personal, legal E-Commerce transactions. These areas are under 24-hour video surveillance.


Although the police will not be involved in any of these private transactions, the program is designed to provide a known, well-lit and secure location at which to conduct their private business.


When conducting sales or purchases on Craigslist and other similar online sites, Brookfield Police say people can can request the buyer or seller to meet at this “E-Commerce Safe Zone”. If the other person declines, then it may be a sign the transaction is questionable.


Brookfield Police say they are providing this convenient location, not in response to any particular local incident, but as a proactive measure to provide citizens with a location where they can feel safe to conduct their private and legal business, as e-bay and Craigslist style transactions become more common.


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