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Local Headlines

Sanders delegates from Conn. reflect on Democratic National Convention

Two Connecticut delegates to the Democratic National Convention from the 5th District are weighing in on the first few days in Philadelphia. 


Justin Molito of Sherman is a Sanders delegate.  When he attended Western Connecticut State University, Molito was a Student Government President.  He says it was wonderful to see how organized the movement for social justice was against corporate interest, which he notes is dominant in politics today.


Molito says there's been great progress in moving the Democratic party, and he's optimistic about the movement for social justice.  He called it a diverse movement featuring young people.


Jennine Lupo, a teacher from Litchfield and Sanders supporter, says some Connecticut delegates for Sanders were always planning to vote Democrat.  She says others were swayed by Sanders speaking directly to them.  Others though still need to be convinced.  Lupo says the Connecticut delegation had a birds eye view of the Vermont delegation.  She says it was very moving to see Bernie Sanders and his wife react to the roll call vote of delegates from each state.


There was a walk out after the roll call vote Tuesday including by some Connecticut Sanders delegates.  They were joined by delegates from California, Oregon and Washington.  She says a wall of Secret Service members and police formed a wall behind them and it got pretty tense.


Lupo says the Democratic party is being transformed like never before.  She says the push to the left will help the most Americans who need it.