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Danbury officials warn PokemonGo players to stay out of WWII monument area

Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton put out a warning to PokemonGo players Tuesday who were at the World War II Rose Arbor: it's not a good idea, and police were on the way. 


Dozens of comments started flooding Boughton's Facebook and Twitter pages about it being public property.  He wrote back that it's only one tiny piece of Rogers Park and he was only asking that players stay out of the area dedicated to fallen soldiers.  Boughton also noted that it wouldn't be different if people were playing baseball in the Rose Garden, not PokemonGo. 


He called it disrespectful to set up tens over the stones and to be yelling and screaming in that area of the park. 


Danbury Police said in a statement that while the PokemonGo craze has gone viral across the world, with many injuries and unusual incidents being reported, Danbury has only luckily had a small handful of complaints.  Police asked players of the GPS-based mobile app to stay in areas that they are familiar with, to not trespass on private property and respect other people's privacy. 


Danbury Police said they do not consider playing PokemonGo to be appropriate decorum on cemetery and memorial grounds. 


Several Greater Danbury area police department have warned players to not wander alone in search of Pokemon.  Police say having another person on the look out for potential dangers is a good preventative step.  Dangers can not only be the immediate landscape, but strangers who may try to lure the player to a secluded location.