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Brookfield implementing accounting transparency software

Brookfield is going to be tracking expense and revenue items for large projects differently.  In order to ensure Brookfield's finances are managed properly and accurately, the Capital Project module will be implemented in the town's accounting software package. 


First Selectman Steve Dunn said in his monthly newsletter that large projects will be tracked from inception to final closeout of the books. The Accounts Receivable module has also been implemented to track every source of revenue to the town including grants. Dunn says when these modules are used together, the town will be able to quickly pull reports about exactly where things stand on a specific project. 


He says implementing these modules will help assure that Brookfield never finds itself with missing funds in the general fund.  The town is working to resolved a $3 million bond discrepancy issue.


A program called Open Books will allow anyone to easily see what the town is spending its funds on and allows residents to keep track of where their money is spent.   Dunn says the town will be ramping this up over the next few months and hopes to have it fully operational by the end of the year.

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