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Changes coming to Connecticut's medical marijuana program

As the state's medical marijuana program grows, the state Department of Consumer Protection is looking to streamline the process.


Qualified patients under age 18 are not required to have a photo identification card issued through the program.  Their guardian, who has to register as a caregiver, will be given a certification card. 


Consumer Protection Commissioner Jonathan Harris says they are reconsidering whether registered adults need to have photo ID cards.  The Department is trying to look at what's needed, based on experience, so people who qualify for medical marijuana can have access as soon as possible.


Harris says the 9 approved dispensaries, 8 of which are open, appears to be the right amount.  There is a dispensary in the Stony Hill section of Bethel.  But he says they're monitoring the marketplace to make sure there's competition, which prices as low as possible.  Harris says they also keep an eye on where the qualified patients live to cover the map with dispensaries, so no matter where patients live they have reasonable access.  He says there will be some additional dispensaries approved at some point, but nothing is planned for the near future.


Harris says one of the producers will be opening additional space within their facility next month.  While there's no new producer, Harris there has been an expansion.  Four producer licenses were approved by the Department of Consumer Protection when the medical marijuana program was launched.

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