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Lawmaker calling for special session to stop mileage tax pilot program

A ranking member of the General Assembly’s Transportation Committee is calling on the state Department of Transportation, Governor Malloy and legislative leaders to put a stop to the state’s $300,000 investment in studying and implementing a pilot program for a ‘Mileage Tax’ to tax motorists for every mile they drive. 


Wilton Senator Toni Boucher says Connecticut was awarded a federal grant last week to launch a pilot program with those matching funds. Connecticut was among a group of Northeastern states to receive the grant after an application was filed by the state of Delaware on behalf of the states on the eastern seaboard. 


Boucher says state leaders need to work to immediately stop the state from investing even a penny into this bad idea. She and others are calling fro a special session to block this tax with a vote in the legislature.  Boucher says Governor Malloy had every intention of advancing this bad idea after the November General Assembly election.

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