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Senator Murphy addresses National Press Club on gun violence prevention

In addressing the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. yesterday, Senator Chris Murphy talked about his efforts to pass legislation to combat gun violence. 


Asked if he plans something as dramatic as the nearly 15 hour filibuster he led in June for this fall, Murphy says he plans to focus on House and Senate races where guns may be an issue.  Murphy says he'll spend time this fall supporting pro-gun control House and Senate candidates.


Murphy says he remains furious that nearly four years after the shootings at Sandy Hook School, Congress has done nothing to prevent the next mass shooting. 


Before 12-14, anti-gun violence wasn't a top priority for him.  As a Congressman for the 5th District, Murphy says he didn't represent any of the cities in Connecticut with epidemic rates of gun violence.  It has now become his singular focus.  In the wake of the shooting, his eyes were opened to the catastrophe of gun violence in America.


He believes the 15 hour filibuster he led in June, and the House sit-in that followed, helped change things.  He says it helped grow a political movement which is now more powerful than ever.  Murphy notes that it did cause Democrats and Republicans to talk past each other a little less, and led to a compromise in the Senate on the idea that if someone is too dangerous to fly they shouldn't own a gun.


Murphy says he and others are working to build up grassroots  organizations, pushing voters to elevate this issue on their priority list and work toward a day when voters will force The Right to moderate it's stance on guns to win elections.


If the political force around anti-gun violence measures becomes strong enough, Murphy says it's will can't be resisted.

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