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Bridgewater officials get update on Route 133 bridge project

A preconstruction hearing has been held by the state Department of Transportation about the next phase of the project along Route 133 in Bridgewater.  First Selectman Curtis Read says several town officials presented concerns to the DOT, their contractors and inspectors Thursday.  Read said in a written statement they realize the detour has been, and will continue to be, a major inconvenience for neighbors and travelers.  Route 133 has been closed twice so far for the bridge rehabilitation project. 


Local police  will be monitoring Northrup Street speeding.  Read asked the DOT to do a better job in sign placement and police presence to enforce the "No Through Trucks" prohibition.  Bridgewater officials want truck traffic turned around both in Brookfield and at the State Boat Launch.


Contractors moving the fiber optic lines should be finished their part of the job on the 27th. They were delayed by hard rock.  Route 133 will open for alternating one way traffic on the 28th if the schedule holds. 


The DOT road contractors will be on site until December 1st, when they will have an option to extend working if weather cooperates.  Route 133 will be reopened during the winter months.  Otherwise, the work will re-start on March 1st.  Route 133 will be closed again at that time, and the by-pass onto local Town roads will return. 


All work should be completed by next August.


The project is subject to an “incentive contract”. If they finish all work before August 1st, they get a hefty bonus of $20,000 a day.  If they're late they will lose that amount each day.  The total contract is $5.68 million.

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