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Blue-green algae discussion to be held by Candlewood Lake Authority, WCSU

A seminar about water quality of Candlewood Lake is being held tonight.  Candlewood Lake Authority and Western Connecticut State University are hosting the presentation about Blue-green algae blooms and what's being done about them.  The blooms occur naturally in lakes and ponds across the nation, but there have been changes in the frequency and timing of blooms in Candlewood. 


Blue green algae can emit toxins harmful to people and pets.  People exposed to the toxins by ingesting, inhaling or coming into contact with the algae have experienced irritation of the skin and respiratory tract; vomiting; and, if large amounts of the toxins are ingested, ailments of the liver or nervous system.  Officials will discuss the potential health implications should a boom produce toxins and the steps the public should take to remain safe. 


There will be a question and answer session after the presentation.  The Candlewood Lake Authority partnered with WCSU recently on a blue-green algae toxin testing program.  The results of the testing will be revealed, and what it means for residents and users of Candlewood Lake.  The presentation is at 7pm. 


Last summer, Candlewood Lake saw its first-ever municipal beach closings due to new State guidelines which rely on a visual assessment indicating the potential of high blue-green algae toxin concentrations.  Samples from the sitings at the five town park beaches were collected and driven to a lab in Berlin, Connecticut for analysis.  It took several days to get the results back and for the beaches to reopen. 


The CLA now brings blue-green algae samples from Candlewood Lake and Lake Zoar for analysis to WCSU labs in Danbury.  CLA officials say quicker result turnaround times will be of great value to lake communities.

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