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The annual Walk of Honor is being held this weekend in Danbury.  In addition to the walk, this year's Warrior Award recipient will be presented with the recognition.  Organizer Mary Teicholz says the event will begin at noon on Sunday and the ceremony will be followed by the one-mile walk.


Teicholz says they are paying tribute to those who not only gave their lives at war, but also those who have given of their lives after they’ve retuned home.


This year there was also an essay contest for 4th and 5th graders at King Street Intermediate School.  One student from each grade will be presented with a medal for writing the winning essays.  The students will also be this year's guest speakers.  The essay contest was entitled “What a Veteran means to me”.


A Marine Corporal injured in Afghanistan has been named this year's Warrior Award recipient.  The award is being presented at the Walk of Honor to Roger Rua.  Rua was riding in while serving with a security platoon, ran over an improvised explosive device. Rua was initially paralyzed from the chest down, but is now able to walk with the use of a cane.


The ceremony is at the Danbury War Memorial at noon tomorrow.

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