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Republican U.S. Senate candidate reacts to judge's ruling on gun maker lawsuit

Republican U.S. Senate candidate Dan Carter is weighing in on Friday's dismissal of the case against Remington Arms by the families of nine children and adults killed and one teacher who survived the shootings at Sandy Hook School.  Carter said the judge's decision is an awful reminder of the evil perpetrated on those innocent victims at Sandy Hook. 


As a State Representative for the neighboring town of Bethel, Carter said he proposed legislation in the General Assembly that would have made guns and gun owners safer, that would have prevented another tragedy like Sandy Hook from ever happening again.  But Carter says people like his opponent, Democratic incumbent Senator Richard Blumenthal, wanted to go after legal gun owners and gun makers.


Carter voted against the gun bill approved by the state legislature in the wake of the shootings.


Carter says he would propose legislation in the U.S. Senate to keep guns away from people like the man who carried out the shooting on 12-14 without wrongly persecuting gun manufacturers and responsible gun owners.


He says common sense gun legislation is needed.


Carter criticized Blumenthal and others for using the tragedy as a means to a political end.  He says people like Blumenthal are pushing a political agenda to raise money for their campaigns and make a name for themselves while gun crime is rampant on the streets.

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