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A blighted property on Saddle Rock Road, in deteriorating condition for an extended period of time, has been cleaned up.  Trees and overgrowth overran the property, a rotted back porch collapsed and detached from the house and the siding and gutters were in poor condition. 




The property owner is an elderly resident who is also a Vietnam veteran. His age and limited income made it hard to maintain the property.  UNIT officials say more was needed than simply sending out orders with the threat of fines. 


The City’s Welfare department and the Danbury Veterans Council helped UNIT explore what benefits he may be entitled to through veterans services. Veterans Affairs Director Danny Hayes identified a company out of Bethel, Com Net, which provided a crew of volunteers, along with the necessary tools, to clean up the property.


Trees, stumps, roots and overgrowth were all cleared away.  The rotted porch was removed.  UNIT says there is still some work to be done, but the homeowner now is at a point where routine and general exterior upkeep of the yard will be much easier. 



UNIT says Com Net is to be commended for their willingness to selflessly serve a veteran in need.

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