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The Danbury City Council is being asked by Mayor Mark Boughton to consider, before the end of the year, a Neighborhood Integrity Initiative.  Boughton says short term rentals and use of single and multi dwelling properties have created new sets of issues and problems for cities across the nation.  The City-wide improvement of residential rental properties and neighborhoods would be done through direct and joint collaboration and buy in from landlords, property owners and their tenants. 


Boughton says single families homes, which have been divided into two, three, or four family homes, could be reassessed as commercial unless landlords conform to City regulations.  He says the hope is to protect Danbury from overpopulation of houses that weren't designed to host that many people.


Boughton says this is a concept that will draw on the City's long standing vibrancy, positive and flourishing neighborhood life while concurrently establishing the safety and security that is sought for rental neighborhoods.


The City's attorneys will be providing the proposed legislation to an ad hoc committee of the Council for further consideration.


Boughton says the over density in these houses causes a hardship on neighborhoods by driving down property values for surrounding neighbors.


The Council committee will be asked to look at Air B&B.


The main problem, according to Boughton, is absentee landlords who don't know what's going on at their property and are simply looking to collect a rent check.  He says people are renting out individual bedrooms, basements or other parts of a single family home, basically creating a rooming house.  Boughton says that means four or five cars could be parked at one home that can really accommodate two.


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