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"Newtown" will be screened in over 500 theaters across the country tonight.  The documentary will be followed by a live national panel/conversation moderated by CNN anchor Chris Cuomo.  Maria Cuomo Cole is the producer of the film, directed by Kim Snyder.


Nicole Hockley, whose don Dylan was killed on 12-14, says she doesn't want any other parent, family or community to face a devastating tragedy like the one that took her son.  She hopes this documentary will start important conversations about the impact of gun violence and how to prevent it.


She called it a compelling, raw and honest portrayal of how gun violence impacts a community.


Hockley will be part of the live-streamed town hall.  Mary Ann Jacobs, a surviving Sandy Hook School teacher, Danbury Hospital Emergency Room Dr. William Begg and Orlando's Chief of Police will also be on the panel.


Mark Barden, whose son Daniel was also killed on 12-14, asked that people not be afraid to watch this film because it's an important opportunity to spark conversation about the impact of gun violence.

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