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A 3-term incumbent is not being challenged as he seeks another two years representing New Fairfield, Sherman and parts of New Milford and Danbury in the state House.  Richard Smith will serve a 4th term representing the 108th District starting in January.


Smith is a practicing attorney.   He says his priorities remain the same for the next term.  He wants to bring the economy back to where it should be by reducing spending, lowering taxes and allowing businesses to grow and stay in Connecticut.


The biggest problem with transportation in the state, according to Smith is that the Special Transportation Fund keeps getting raided.  Smith says that money should be used to fix infrastructure.  He says that will go a long way to bring business to the state.  He is opposed to tolling, calling it another tax.


He opposed many of the economic policies set forth by Governor Malloy’s administration, including the two recent tax increases.  He says the state is the number one employer in Connecticut, but would prefer to see a smaller government.  He wants the state to reduce waste, restructure employee pensions and see the state living within its means.


Smith wants to protect the water quality of Candlewood Lake.  He says keeping invasive species out of Candlewood that have been found in other water bodies in the stats is also a priority for him.  He wants to control the milfoil in the lake, but says the drawdowns are a hit or miss way to tackle that.  He says more resources needed to be put toward Candlewood Lake water quality.


Smith says when the state cuts programs, it’s the wrong ones on the chopping block.  He says a few areas that do need to be focused on include mental health services and fighting the opioid addiction in the state.

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