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In addition to President, U.S. Senate and Congressional races are to be decided.  There are General Assembly seats to be voted on tomorrow, as well as Registrar of Voter races.  Each municipality is required to have a Democrat and Republican registrar, and many of the races in the Greater Danbury area are uncontested.  Registrars are tasked with maintaining voter rolls, overseeing elections and assisting in recounts and certifying the results.


So-called ballot selfies are not illegal in Connecticut, but picture taking in a polling place can not be disruptive and must not be of other people.  Secretary of the State Denise Merrill is reminding voters that moderators will routinely be checking for campaign literature, and in general, items with the mascots of the two major political parties. 


Political discussion or persuasion must be conducted at least 75 feet from the entrance to a polling location.  Anyone who attempts to intimidate, threaten, or coerce someone at the polling location is subject to a fine or jail time under federal law.


Moderators at polling locations in Connecticut could also become fashion police tomorrow.  The Journal Inquirer reports that voters are being asked to be mindful of their attire when going to the polls to make sure they're not wearing anything political in nature--that includes Make America Great Again baseball caps or Nasty Women Vote t-shirts.  Merrill says it is up to moderator interpretation whether code words or slogans will be disruptive and not allowed in a polling location.  She told the publication that the moderators are urged to use their best judgement.

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