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Danbury officials start to address coming fiscal year's budget challenges

The City of Danbury is under staffing and fiscal constraints so officials are getting a jump start on the budget process.  Mayor Mark Boughton met with department heads this month about the coming fiscal year. 


He says Danbury is operating at peak capacity, and he can't lay off more people because otherwise essential work won't get done.  Boughton says he refuses to close firehouse and won't jeopardize public safety by laying off police officers, so the City will just have to get creative.  He acknowledged complaining about the state every year, but says this will be the first year that budget season will be a challenge. 


Boughton says there are whole departments that don't exist anymore that existed when he took office.  He says he can give City employees two titles, but can't give them three.


Boughton says Danbury taxpayers will feel the effect of a $2.5 billion state deficit and everyone will have to work together to mitigate the impact on the mill rate. 

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