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Local lawmaker reflects on the end of his term of service

A few state lawmakers won't be returning to the capital tomorrow, including Redding state Representative John Shaban.  Shaban called it an honor to have served Easton, Redding and Weston these last six years, and looks forward to continuing his service elsewhere in the near future.  Shaban thanked Adam Dunsby for his willingness to serve and following him as being the State Representative for the 135th District. 


He remains optimistic about Connecticut's future, noting the change in the mix of the legislature.  Shaban says if balance is restored, the fiscal sanity needed to return promise and prosperity to Connecticut will be restored as well.


As his term winds down, Shaban says he is again saddened to see yet another example of how poor fiscal policies continue to result in bad public policies.  He's referring to Friday's announcement from the Governor's Budget Office that the state's largest education grant and aid to municipalities were being cut because of a deficit problem. 


Despite record tax receipts last year, he says the state was forced to cut funding from schools, hospitals, opioid clinics, domestic violence shelters and environmental programs to fill budget holes.  Shaban says the flight of population and employers can no longer be denied. 


He cautioned that this pain will continue into this year and beyond unless the General Assembly shrinks the size and burn rate of state government.

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