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No asbestos, lead paint found in work area at Pettibone

A final report on asbestos testing at the former John Pettibone School in New Milford has come back.  No asbestos was detected in the walls or drop ceilings where renovation was being done.  The report also found that there was no toxic levels in lead paint that was tested. 


Mayor David Gronbach says they knew already that floor tiles and some insulation contained asbestos, but noted that it's common in buildings constructed around the same time.  He says the contractor will either avoid disturbing such areas or will rely on certified contractors to address any issues.  While some low lead levels were identified, Gronbach says the work will not create any airborne concentrations over the acceptable level.


Documents and updates about the work being done to turn Pettibone into a community center will be posted on a new page of the New Milford town website.

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