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Redding Police Chief supports 'officer safety' bill on gun permits

A bill has been proposed requiring any handgun owner openly carrying their weapon in public to show their permit to a police officer if requested.  Judiciary co-chair Representative William Tong said in a post-Newtown era, the public is easily frightened by openly-carried weapons.  He said police should have the tools to make sure someone like the 12-14 gunman, or someone who is a felon, isn't carry weapons.


He said many have still not forgotten Sandy Hook and called this a reasonable safety measure.  Tong says Connecticut has an unfortunate relationship with gun violence, which is why he introduced this bill.


Gun rights groups claim Tong's bill could lead to harassment of legal gun owners.


Redding Police Chief Doug Fuchs was among the law enforcement leaders supporting the bill.  He called it an officer-safety bill. 


Gun-rights supporters argue they shouldn’t have to show a permit if they aren't creating a threat to public safety.  The Chiefs said it's not any different than an officer asking to see a hunting or fishing license to see if the activity is permitted.

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