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Progress is being made on the renovations to Danbury High School.  There are six phases, but because there's significant state grant money, the City just just got approval for the last construction phase  Bidding will open this month.  Public Works Director Antonio Iadarola says $8.5 million will go toward work in the front of the school. 


An addition to the current building would include a two story gym, an academic floor and a level for science and computer labs, with the possibility in the future for another level.  The design would essentially give the 9th grade their own building, creating the Freshmen Academy.


The last phase of the overall project is to purchase furniture and equipment.


The DHS 2020 project includes construction of a theater, two music classrooms, a new entrance way and an expansion of the exiting cafeteria. Various other upgrades to the building's existing infrastructure are also planned.


The goal is to have everything finished by the start of school for the 2018-2019 school year.

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