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When her daughter was killed at Sandy Hook, Alissa Parker found the light and goodness.  She has written a new book called "An Unseen Angel: A Mother's Story of Faith, Hope, and Healing".  She says by processing the loss of Emilie, she saw a larger picture.  Alissa drew strength from the acts of kindness during that time. 


The book started as a way to preserve the Parker family's story for their daughters, Samantha and Madeline.  "An Unseen Angel" went on sale last week.


Parker says she often thinks of her last conversation with Emilie.  Her daughter had just gotten ready for school and discovered something special on the wall behind her bed.  Two flowers painted in pink, black and blue were connected.  Emilie was excited to show her mother how many connections there were, and Alissa says that was a powerful insight into the world she was unknowingly about to enter on 12-14. 


Parker leaned on the lessons from Emilie's example to get through the last few years, looking for the good and seeing connections around her.


Alissa and her husband, Robbie, created The Emilie Parker Art Connection to honor their daughter, by continuing to support the things that she loved. Emilie was an artist, and this foundation brings funding for art programs in the community and schools.

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