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The chair of the Brookfield Charter Revision Commission has presented recommendations to the Board of Selectmen of changes they want brought forward to voters.  They are recommending 9 changes be listed as separate questions on a ballot.


1. Increase the Board of Selectmen from three members to five


2. Make a 10 day minimum for Boards to appoint replacement members. 


3. Standards, authority and jurisdiction of the Board of Ethics would clarified under a proposal when it comes to the authority the Board has under state statute.


4. A clarification of what items can be petitioned to a town meeting


5. Having separate votes for First Selectman and Selectmen.  The losing First Selectman candidate would not be eligible to run for or be included in the Selectmen vote.  Currently if the defeated First Selectman candidate garners enough votes, they could become a Selectman.


6. Review budget transfers allowed to be made by the Boards of Selectmen and Finance.  Consider raising or eliminating the dollar amount they could reallocate in a budget at any time before going to a town meeting for approval.


7. Clarify the Charter so that wide scale transfers cannot be made early in the fiscal year


8. Add the ability to restore individual line items at the annual town meeting, but only to levels approved by either the Board of Selectmen or Board of Finance


9. Consider increasing the number of members on the Library Board of Trustees to 9 regular members

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