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The Newtown Legislative Council has voted unanimously to accept a donation of land proposed as the site of a Sandy Hook permanent memorial.  The commission charged with planning for a memorial found out that the SAC field property owner wanted to donate it for that use.  The 5.3 acre plot is appraised at $16,000. 


The Boys Social and Athletic Club of Sandy Hook was incorporated with the state in 1949 to hold community events and play other clubs in various sports.  With the modernization of the Parks and Recreation Department, SAC fell into disuse and lost its standing with the state in 1989.


George Lockwood Sr., representing SAC, donated two other portions of the property to town organizations.  The parcel with a house on it was donated to Sandy Hook Volunteer Fire Company.  Newtown Underwater Search and Rescue was gifted the plot containing a red steel building, where NUSAR is currently housed out of.


The property abuts Treadwell Park and not far past the Sandy Hook Volunteer Fire Department, just past Dickenson Drive.  The property consists of a meadow, and two baseball fields.  It also includes two ponds that are slightly wood, which used to be the old swimming hole.


The Planning and Zoning commissions have reviewed the donation, which has also been approved by the Board of Selectmen.  The donation includes easements for possible public access from Riverside Road.  Discussions about the permanent memorial will come in phases.

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