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Google’s Online Safety Roadshow made a stop in Monroe Tuesday.  The program to educates students about how to stay safe and secure online was at Jockey Hollow Middle School.  The middle school students learned skills like how to create a smart password and how to identify phishing scams. 


The program was created in partnership with principals and child safety groups, National Association of Secondary School Principals and iKeepSafe, to develop a digital literacy assembly that could be shared across the country.


4th District Congressman Jim Himes participated in the 45 minute assembly about share tips, how-to’s and ways to be smart about the content they share online.  Himes says the students were also told about the immediate and future consequences of posting embarrassing things online.  Social media posts can impact college admission or future job offers.


(Photo: Jim Himes, Twitter)


There are people that deliberately target users to steal data, get to bank accounts or to meet children online.  Himes says the students were taught how to protect themselves from those elements.


Bullying can be as bad or worse online, with potentially the entire school seeing the bullying.  It can also be anonymous.  Google taught the students to be positive online and support people rather than tear them down.

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