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Time running out for lawmakers to act on judge's education funding order

With limited financial resources, the General Assembly is grappling with how to meet Connecticut's state constitutional obligation to provide all students with adequate education.  Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton says the legislature has this session to fix some of the things pointed out by a judge, or run the risk of having the decision upheld by the Connecticut Supreme Court. 


The legislative session ends June 7th. 


In September, the judge ordered Connecticut officials to develop plans to revamp the Education Cost Sharing grant, saying a huge gap in test scores between students in rich and poor communities shows parts of the system are unconstitutional.  Lawmakers were given six months to overhaul the 28-year-old formula, among other recommendations.


Some people believe the lower court ruling was an overreach by the judge, but Boughton thinks there will be aspects upheld.


The ruling stemmed from an 11-year-old lawsuit filed against the state by the Connecticut Coalition for Justice in Education Funding, a nonprofit group that includes cities, towns, local school boards, parents groups and public school students.


Boughton says there is a historic irrationality to how schools have been funded.


The decision is currently on appeal to the Connecticut Supreme Court.

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