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New Milford budget referendum Tuesday

New Milford residents are voting on a budget today.  The municipal proposed budget is $38.2 million.  The schools are asking for $62.8 million. 


The New Milford Board of Finance rejected a plan approved by the Town Council which included $1.2 million in revenue from the sale of town properties and increasing the Sewer Commission's payments to the town.  The Board of Finance also cut $1.5 million from the municipal budget because of a miscalculation, which double counted some revenue. 


The New Milford Superintendent of Schools has outlined where certain cuts would have to be made because the Board of Finance approved a budget smaller than they requested.  There are also some unknowns when it comes to state education aid.  The proposed school budget is still $1.1 million more than the current fiscal year. 


The first place cuts will be made are to insurance and workmen's comp.  The next year would be to put off new initiatives , including the purchase of a digital fingerprint scanner.  Cuts will then be made to sports gear, field trips and personnel.

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