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Candlewood Lake Authority stocks grass carp, reminds boaters of safety regulations

As boating season gets underway this Memorial Day weekend, the Candlewood Lake Authority is reminding people to stay safe out on the lake.  The top five boating violations as reported by the CLA Marine Patrol last year were:
1) Bow Riding: Allowing any persons on bow of decked-over vessel without handrail while underway


2) Operating a PWC in excess of slow-no-wake withing 200 feet of shore/dock/pier/float/anchored/moored vessel


3) Failure to display prescribed lights when underway


4) Insufficient personal flotation devices


5) Operating in excess of slow-no-wake within 100 feet of shore/dock/pier/float/anchored/moored vessel


As part of the Candlewood Lake Authority's ongoing Sterile Grass Carp Program, the CLA will be stocking an additional 4,450 grass carp in June.  The carp are being used lakewide to help control the invasive Eurasian watermilfoil.  This helps reached the target goal of 15 sterile grass carp per vegetated acre of milfoil.


Some of the sterile grass carp have transmitters so their movements can be tracked by Western Connecticut State University researchers.  Squantz Pond will also receive 585 fish from the Town of New Fairfield, which will arrive with the delivery of the Candlewood fish. 


Given time to grow to adults, and become bigger and better eaters, CLA officials say they are optimistic for the promise that this milfoil control program holds.

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