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Local lawmakers praise bipartisan deficit mitigation plan

Danbury State Senator Mike McLachlan says the bipartisan agreement reached in the Senate to close the $317 million deficit in the current fiscal year shows that they an fund vital programs without shortchanging municipalities and those with disabilities. 


The proposal restores $1 million for employment opportunities and day services for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. 


McLachlan says with a tied chamber, the only way to accomplish meaningful legislation that serves the best interests of our state and taxpayers is through cooperation. 


State Senator Tony Hwang, whose district includes Newtown, praised passage of the plan.  He said this is the kind of collaborative leadership that needs to continue in the biennial budget deficit negotiations.  He also called for a budget process that address fundamental and structural changes to state government that creates predictability, sustainability and transparency. 


The Senate bill now mores to the House.