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The White House says President Trump will not assert executive privilege to try to block testimony by fired FBI Director James Comey. 


House Intelligence Committee Member Jim Himes says he's not surprised.  The 4th District Congressman says it would have been strange for any President to exert executive privilege over someone who is now a private citizen whose been asked to testify before Congress.  Himes added that it also would have looked bad.


One of the reasons Himes is looking forward to Comey's testimony Thursday is because of the multiple explanations President Trump has given for firing Comey, including pressure of the Russia investigation.


Himes notes that this is the first time in his opinion that the White House is taking the right approach.  He says if there's nothing to hide, there's no harm in getting all of the information out. 


Himes says the Committee needs to get the specifics of what President Trump said to Comey because there are questions that need to get answered.  But he also wants to know what Comey said to the President, because Trump alleged he was told three times he wasn't under investigation.

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