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Unauthorized construction at New Milford Skate Park has kept the facility closed for about two weeks now.  The facility was shuttered at the beginning of the month after unknown individuals constructed concrete ramps there. 


The Parks and Rec Director was concerned that someone could be injured because there was no oversight or approval for the ramps.  Mayor David Gronbach says he supports the decision.  He says the town is working with a contractor to determine how the additions can be removed without damaging the underlying structure, noting that this process is what has delayed re-opening the park.


Gronbach says New Milford could be held liable if injuries resulted after the town did nothing about the additions, adding that private individuals cannot alter Town property simply because they want to.


He was also critical of a campaign to raise money to improve the park and keep it open.  Gronbach says $3,235 is budgeted next year to make repairs.  

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