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Senator Chris Murphy was among the members of Congress who suited up for a charity baseball game last night, which honored GOP House Whip Steve Scalise--who was shot the day before.  Murphy has played catcher for the Democratic team for about ten years, and called the game one of the few things that is truly good about Washington D.C.


Murphy, wearing a Yard Goats uniform, with Rep. Ruiz

(Photo: Chris Murphy, Twitter)


Murphy called it a soul crushing shooting, but said moving forward with the charity game sends an important signal that the tradition of bipartisanship cannot be ruined by what he called "one unhinged individual".  But Murphy questioned how they can move forward so easily from what he sees as a cataclysmic event. 


He hopes the violence doesn't become normalized.  Murphy believes the country is becoming desensitized to the carnage of mass shootings, defined as incidents where four or more people are killed or injured by gunshots.  By that definition, there have been 154 mass shootings so far this year. 


Murphy says America doesn't spend less on law enforcement or have more mental illness than other countries, but does have more guns. 

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